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Better Office Lock and Key Management

07/11/2015 Back To Blog

It is a fact that commercial lock change is required more frequently compared to house lockset replacement. The main reasons for this are more extensive use and a higher rate of wear and tear plus the higher rate of change of users. The reality is that with effective security management which has great focus on locks and keys, replacement and even repair can be required less often. More importantly, when these devices are properly cared for and controlled, the security of the building will be optimal at all times. Get some practical advice on how to achieve this.Better Office Lock and Key Management

A Full Set of Measures

In order for you to carry out an effective management policy, you will need a blueprint of the building indicating all door locks and closers by type. This will help you to organize the inspection and maintenance of the devices. They should be thoroughly inspected, cleaned and lubricated every three months. More frequent care will be needed in case of more extensive use.

It is best if you develop precise instructions for inspection and maintenance for the staff to follow. You must supply only safe materials to be used for cleaning and lubrication. Maintenance personnel must report and describe existing issues so that lock repair can be arranged timely. All employees should be encouraged to report issues that they notice straight away.

You will also need to plan and schedule the upgrading of the locks within the building. This should be done on a regular basis for the purpose of maintaining the level of security sufficiently high. The frequency of the upgrading should be based on the existing and potential threats to the security of the office building and on the pace at which locking technology develops.

While the management of door locksets is focused primarily on their maintenance and replacement, things are not that simple with keys. This is because they are in the hand of employees. For this, you must prepare a list with the names of all employees and indicate what office keys each one has. When a new key is handed over to an employee, the person must sign an agreement that he will not duplicate it or replace it by himself. Accidents involving lost or broken office keys must be reported to you as the responsible manager so that the necessary measures for resolving the problem can be taken.

When an employee leaves, he must return all keys in his possession and sign a document for this. If the person had keys to external doors or security doors in his possession, you should consider lock rekey or replacement for better protection. These measures can be part of the company's policy or the decision for their use can be taken by the manager responsible for security.

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