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Knowledge is power and its value certainly increases when it is related to property and door security. Our FAQ page gives you the opportunity to obtain valuable information and advice on various topics which are highly significant in the locksmith field. Make full use of all questions and their answers.

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What can I do if the key breaks?

Keys break in locks when the lock is frozen, the key is rusty, the wrong key is used or you use it with too much force. If a little part is protruding, grab it carefully with pliers and pull it out. If the key hasn't already turned, turn the pliers to the lock's opening position before pulling it or just call our experts.

What is the difference between re-keying and master keying?

Re-keying involves adjusting the tumblers in the current lock so that it can be opened by a new key, while Master keying enables you to open all the locks in your home with one key. It is recommended that you re-key the locks any time you buy a new home. Even if the owner gave you the keys, you don’t know how many others, such as neighbors or repair people, also have keys.

How often should locks be lubricated?

You should check what your lock’s manufacturer recommends in the first place. Most brands advise property owners to lubricate their locks twice a year. If you have a device which is used intensively, however, you can lubricate it more often- as many as four times a year. You should use a specially formulated lubricant which is not thick or sticky.

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